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7:08 AM - February 23rd, 2018





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Police Send Credit Card Skimmer Warning
Tuscarawas, Ohio (WTUZ) – The Village of Tuscarawas Police Department is asking all motorists traveling through the village to pay attention to your credit or debit card statements. A Facebook message advised that police were notified of suspicious activity on Wednesday at the Marathon Gas Station on E. Cherry Street and report it appears a credit card skimmer was possibly attached to a gas pump. Surveillance video showed three men in a newer White Chevrolet Suburban arrive at the gas station around 7:40 am and they accessed the internal components of the pump with tools. Anyone with information in the on-going investigation is asked to contact the Tuscarawas Police Department. Officers also advise everyone using their credit or debit cards to pay close attention to the statement for any fraudulent charges. - Mary Alice Reporting




Library System Goes Tobacco Free
New Philadelphia, Ohio (WTUZ) – Smoking and use of tobacco products on the Tuscarawas County Library campuses is now prohibited. Director Michelle McMorrow Ramsell says the decision was not entered into lightly, and that they want to make sure families and young children do not have to walk through smoke to come inside the library. “There’ve been so many studies done that there’s really no safe level of expose to second-hand smoke, and when you talk about little children, their lungs and bodies are still developing.” The no tobacco product on library grounds policy is implemented at the main library in New Philadelphia and branches in Bolivar, Strasburg, Tuscarawas, and Sugarcreek. Ramsell adds that the hope is for customers to comply with the change since they can still smoke in their vehicle. - Mary Alice Reporting



COMPASS Brings Awareness to Teen Dating Violence
Tuscarawas County, Ohio (WTUZ) – A local organization is discussing the issue of dating partner violence in teen relationships seen across diverse groups and cultures. COMPASS Outreach Advocate Madison Ricketts explains that teen dating violence (TVD) can be physical, metal, and verbal abuse. She notes that digital abuse is becoming more predominant since teen lives often revolve around their cell phones. “Whether it’s text messaging or social media, one partner can use that to control the other. Whether it’s making sure they have their social media or phone passwords. They can track each other on it now [with GPS]. There’s just a lot of things now in technology they can use to control another person.” Ricketts adds that a common emotion related to TVD is jealousy, which can develop into warnings signs for parents or friends to watch out for. “They mistake it for adoration. They think, my dating partner loves me so much that they’re jealous if this person talks to me when really it’s a red flag. Controlling. If they can’t hang-out with their friends or family anymore and they’re expected to only hang-out with their dating partner all the time.” Executive Director Molly MacMath notes that it’s important for parents to start talking with their children at a young age. “It has to be age appropriate but this is not a conversation to have with your teen right before the first date. This is something that you build on over the years, and even if your child is getting older and you haven’t had that conversation, start now.” According to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, around 1.5 million high school students across the nation will experience physical abuse from a dating partner. The COMPASS Crisis hotline for Tuscarawas and Carroll County is 330-339-1427 and for Stark County the hotline number is 330-452-1111. Go to for more information. - Mary Alice Reporting



Wanted Felon Remains at Large
Coshocton County, Ohio (WTUZ) – A 42-year-old man wanted by the U.S. Marshall’s Office for several felony charges is still at large after a cross county pursuit. The Coshocton County Sheriffs Office reports they received notice Thursday at 2:30pm that a pursuit initiated in Guernsey County was entering into their jurisdiction on Township Road 110. The pursuit ended just inside Coshocton County and Stacie Bradford, 41, from the Cambridge area, was taken into custody on a Felony Warrant out of Cambridge. Deputies note that William Hartman, from the Coshocton area, fled on foot into a wooded area. He is wanted on felony charges of weapons and aggravated drug trafficking. Anyone with information about Hartman is urged to contact the Coshocton or Guernsey County Sheriffs Office. Assisting agencies in the on-going investigation include ODNR, the State Highway Patrol, and U.S. Marshall’s. - Mary Alice Reporting




Legislative Leaders to Gather in Tuscarawas County
Dover, Ohio (WTUZ) – The Tuscarawas County Republican Party is gearing up for the Lincoln Day Banquet on Friday where a number of local, state and national leaders will come together. 
Republican Party Chair, Doug Wills, explained there will be a lot of big names at the event. “We’re very honored to have Senator Rob Portman, Congressman Bob Gibbs, Congressman Bill Johnson, Congressman Jim Renacci, plus all of our local candidates and state candidates. So, it’s just a great event.” Wills noted he expects a lot of meaningful conversations to be held and for the focus to be on Tuscarawas County. “I think you’re going to have conversations that cover the last six months and looking forward to the agendas of the future,” he said. “This is a bellwether county and so obviously the way that Ohio goes and the way that Tuscarawas County usually is the way that elections turn out so they’re very anxious to come here.” He added that they are still taking reservations and anyone is welcome to attend. It’s all happening at Breitenbach Toolshed with the social hour beginning at 5:30 p.m. and dinner at 6:30 p.m. - Michaela Madison Reporting





Threat Not Credible at Local High School
Mineral City, Ohio (WTUZ) – Classes resumed today at Tusky Valley High School after a lockdown on Wednesday. Tuscarawas County Sheriff Lt. Jeff Moore explains that they received a report of a threatening message around 12:30pm. “Two girls had entered the bathroom locating a message written on the wall stating that there was going to be a shooting at TVHS. Those students provided that information to the school principal immediately.” Lt. Moore notes that evidence was collected such as fingerprints and DNA. “The school had a meeting with students and discussed what was going on but felt that this was contained and that there was no actual real threat.” In a community message, TVHS note that all school staff continues to review all safety protocols and drills. - Mary Alice Reporting





911 Calls Released from Shooting at Stark County School
Jackson Township, Ohio (WTUZ) – The Jackson Township community is still shaken after a 7th-grader dies after shooting himself in the bathroom of his school. Police say the child used a long-gun and had “distractionary devices” in his backpack. The Assistant Principal at Jackson Middle School made the call to 911 after the student was discovered in the restroom. 
“I have a student who shot himself in the restroom.” The entire school district was placed on lockdown for several hours. At one point nearly 3,000 parents and concerned community members gathered at Jackson Memorial Middle School awaiting their child’s release. Investigators note there is not believed to be any threat to anyone else at the school and classes resumed the next day. - Michaela Madison Reporting





Claymont Students Charged with Making False Alarms
Uhrichsville, Ohio (WTUZ) – Two students are charged with alleged threats that were made against the Claymont High School and Middle School. The Uhrichsville Police Department reports the 16-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy were charged with making false alarms on Wednesday. The charges against the high schooler relate to her making an accusation to school staff and to law enforcement that another student was going to commit an act of violence to the High School. The boy’s charges stem from his posting a video on social media of himself making an intention of committing an act of violence toward the Middle School. Both teens were taken into custody Wednesday and taken to the Tuscarawas County Juvenile Attention Center. - Mary Alice Reporting





Sheriff Issues Zero Tolerance Policy for Social Media Threats
New Philadelphia, Ohio (WTUZ) – The Tuscarawas County Sheriff is speaking out about social media threats and how he is implementing a countywide zero tolerance policy. Sheriff Orvis Campbell explains that those who post threats on social media to create a sense of panic or fear in the public should be held accountable for their actions.  “It’s just about as serious an issue that you can have that involves everybody, and everybody needs to pull together on this. We’re going to take all of them that we handle at the Sheriff’s Office and prosecute them. We spoke with the county prosecutor and he’s agreed with that policy.” Sheriff Campbell says he understands the concerns parents have since he has those same concerns being a parent with four children. “But we need people to understand that we’re on top of this, that they trust our judgment, and that we act swiftly. This is the time where a parent needs to be intentional and talk about these types of things going on in schools both the real shootings and the threats, and get a commitment from their children to not participate in this type of activity.”  He notes there will not be any leniency for someone who makes threats and shares them. Sheriff Campbell encourages anyone who may come across a concerning social media message to notify your local law enforcement agency. - Mary Alice Reporting



Student Notifies School of Facebook Threat
New Philadelphia, Ohio (WTUZ) – A Buckeye Career Center student turned in knowledge of a social media post threating a school district in another jurisdiction. New Philadelphia Police Detective Captain Shawn Nelson explains the student notified school officials Wednesday morning about the threat. “There was no threat or situation at Buckeye other than a student reported a potential threat to a different [school] which we handled and followed up with them and made sure that wasn’t a situation.” Nelson reminds everyone that if they see a message on social media that is threatening to contact local law enforcement. - Mary Alice Reporting




School Locks Down as a Safety Measure
New Philadelphia, Ohio (WTUZ) – Heavy police presence was at the New Philadelphia High School and Welty Middle School for a precautionary yellow door lockdown. New Philadelphia School Superintendent David Brand explains that the soft lockdown was issued Wednesday before noon after a message was located inside the school on a bathroom stall. “And then we worked collaboratively with the police department and we deemed that as a precaution, to be safe for everybody, to [issue a yellow lockdown]; however, we deemed the threat to be not credible and that there was no threat to any of our students or staff.” Police Detective Captain Shawn Nelson notes that the department along with BCI are continuing to investigate. “They are documenting the scribblings on the bathroom stall and that includes photos, latent prints, and potentially DNA from that area where the writings were located, and we’ll follow up with that accordingly.” Nelson adds the substantial police presence was just a safety measure and they do not believe students are in any immediate danger. All students were dismissed as normal. - Mary Alice Reporting



Fire Crews Respond to Dover Chemical
Dover, Ohio (WTUZ) – A valve is being blamed for an incident at Dover Chemical that spurred a response from six fire departments. Dover Fire Captain Michael Mosser confirmed that they received the call about heavy smoke shortly before 7:00 p.m. Tuesday. “There was an oil line failure and the oil found some heat and it caused it to generate some smoke when the oil hit the hot object,” explained Captain Mosser. “The sprinkler system activated as it should have and the sprinkler system took care of the situation.” Captain Mosser noted the incident was fairly minor. “Takes a lot of time to figure these things out and deal with them so we were there probably two hours or so,” he said. “So, overall it took a lot of resources because we weren’t sure what happened initially.” Mosser says no injuries were reported and there was no environmental impact. Dover, Bolivar, Uhrichsville, Strasburg, Sugarcreek, and New Philadelphia fire departments responded. - Michaela Madison Reporting





Claymont City Schools Address Rumored Threat
Uhrichsville, Ohio  (WTUZ) – The Claymont City School District is addressing a rumor that indicated a possible threat to the district. Schools Superintendent John Rocchi issued an all-call to everyone in the district where he announced the threat was only a rumor. “I’ve been working closely with our administration and law enforcement. We had a report of an alleged threat, again I report an alleged threat,” explained Rocchi. “It has been proven to be a rumor, again it has been proven to be a rumor. It has been verified by law enforcement. There is no threat to our district at this time.” The district did bring a drug dog into buildings to conduct a sweep. “To go through our buildings just as a precautionary measure,” he said. “Law enforcement will continue to be visible in our district to ensure the safety of all students.” He also encouraged people to report possible threats to law enforcement and avoid sharing them through social media. - Michaela Madison Reporting




Local Dept. Sends Flooding Tips
Tuscarawas County, Ohio (WTUZ) – With more rain in the forecast, the Tuscarawas County Health Department is offering tips about flooding. Director of Environmental Health Caroline Terakedis explains that homeowners should be aware if their home septic system becomes flooded. “Which is, essentially, if your yard is flooded. One of the things you want to avoid is pumping that septic system when the ground is saturated because even those really heavy concrete tanks can float up out of the ground.” She adds that if you are in a flood zone or know that your basement is vulnerable to flooding, one tip to save on damage cost is to purchase a sump pump. Terakedis adds you should also be careful when cleaning up after a flood. “You want to be careful with the food you may have stored in your basement if there was flood water. You also want to be careful that your well has been disinfected if it has been exposed to flood water.” Go to for more information and tips to protect your home from flooding. - Mary Alice Reporting




Speeds Reach Over 100mph in Police Chase
Mineral City, Ohio (WTUZ) – Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to a Tuesday high-speed chase involving two motorcycles. Tuscarawas County Sheriff Sgt. Bruce Lowery explains that he initiated a traffic stop at 12:20pm on High Street in Mineral City, near the school zone. “Where the lights were flashing yellow which reduced it to a 20 mph speed limit. When I observed two motorcycles coming south and the one, just as it passed me, passed the car on the left-hand side of a double yellow line.” The State Route 800 chase continued into Dover on city streets where Lowery notes they were going through stop signs, traffic lights, and going across the center line. The two drivers then reached Interstate 77 and headed northbound. “There was an excess of 100. I know at one point they were approaching 150 mph on 77. We continued up to the county line where our units disregarded at that time.” Assisting were law enforcement officials from Dover, Strasburg, Bolivar, and Troopers with the State Highway Patrol. - Mary Alice Reporting




Harrison County Crash Claims a Life
Scio, Ohio (WTUZ) – A crash involving a motorcycle and a vehicle takes a life in Harrison County. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, just after 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday 60-year-old Brian Williams of Dellroy was traveling westbound on SR 151 near Scio on a motorcycle. The motorcycle reportedly crossed the center line and into the path of an eastbound vehicle driven by 56-year-old Charles Harris of Scio. Williams was pronounced dead at the scene. Harris suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene. The crash remains under investigation. - Michaela Madison Reporting




Sheriff’s Office Sends Active Shooter Message
Wooster, Ohio (WTUZ) – The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is sharing a few tips with the community when it comes to an active shooter situation in schools. Captain Doug Hunter explained that they ask that administrators do away with code words and confusing language. “We’ve gotten away from advocating the use of code words such as ‘code red,’ or ‘code yellow,’” said Hunter. “Those types of sayings might trigger a lockdown, but they do not share any useful information. What we recommend, say something simple like ‘there is a man with a shotgun in the lobby.’” He noted he understands that may be surprising information, but it important people get details of the situation as quickly as possible. Captain Hunter explained that the first approach when reacting to an active shooter situation should be to exit the building but noted that isn’t always possible. “Remaining in a classroom, locking that classroom door, barricading that door with everything imaginable that is in that room,” said Hunter. “We do not advocate that students huddle up on the floor, try to hide under a desk. I advocate that they stay on their feet, that they are at least able to present themselves as a moving target. And, they can launch a full on attack on this person.” Hunter added that it is critical that people are immediately aware of what is happening so to allow time to react appropriately. - Michaela Madison Reporting





Red Cross Explains Home Fire Response
New Philadelphia, Ohio (WTUZ) – The local American Red Cross works to provide support and resources to the victims of home fires throughout the area. Jim McIntyre with the Red Cross noted how devastating a home fire can be. “One of the most traumatic experiences one can face. Fortunately, we have a strong, dedicated volunteer base,” he said. McIntyre explained those volunteers work closely with local agencies to ensure those affected receive as much support as possible. “We send volunteers who have been trained to talk to folks who have been traumatized by these tragic events, ask them what their needs are, assess those needs and then give them immediate financial assistance to use in whatever way they deem necessary.” McIntyre added that money may be used for lodging, clothing or food. He says the Red Cross isn’t designed to help families recover long-term, but to help victims of home fire during their time of immediate need. - Michaela Madison Reporting




Local EMA to Offer Training for Local Governments
New Philadelphia, Ohio (WTUZ) – This week the Tuscarawas County Emergency Management Agency will host training for local governments. EMA Director, Alex McCarthy, says the training will focus on continuity of operations planning. How do we write an effective plan for local government?” Said McCarthy. “Then we’re going to work from that to basically develop our own county continuity of operations plan from there. We’ve got a draft version that’s already been created, but we want to build on that and have something official to hold on file.” The training will be this Wednesday, February 21st. - Michaela Madison Reporting




Hospital to Host Free Health Screen
Newcomerstown, Ohio (WTUZ) – Trinity Hospital Twin City is gearing up for the next free health screen in Newcomerstown. The hospital’s Community Outreach Department will host a free hemoglobin A1C health screen on Wednesday, February 28th. The screening is a blood test that measures blood sugar levels over three months. A1C screenings can reveal how well a person is managing his/her diabetes. These screenings can also reveal if a person is at risk for diabetes. Officials note no appointment is necessary to participate and fasting is not required. 
The event will be held from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. at Journey’s End Ministries Food Pantry on River Street in Newcomerstown. For more information call 740-922-7450, ext. 2124. - Michaela Madison Reporting





BCC Student Designs Represented at Conferences
New Philadelphia, Ohio (WTUZ) – Two Buckeye Career Center students will have their artwork displayed at the state and national SkillsUSA conferences. Public Relations Coordinator Shyanne Carroll says that Senior Mackenie Petrie, of Strasburg, will have her t-shirt design worn by around 4,000 student and advisors at the competitions in April. Junior Miranda Vega, from Tusky, took first place in the Ohio pin design and in the banner contest, and she notes the theme is about jobs and careers. “When you think of champions I thought of a trophy so I found a picture this person holding a trophy, and I thought that would be cool so I put that on there. Then I took the state of Ohio and it looks like all these people are reaching for the trophy.” At the SkillsUSA national convention in Kentucky, Vega’s pin could be purchased and trade reaching 16,000 students. - Mary Alice Reporting





TV2 broadcast got a workout at the boys basketball IVC Showcase
Uhrichsville, Ohio (TR) - Scott Robinson and Jared Hall might be a liitle hoarse this morning. Robinson and Hall called all seven games of the inaugural Inter-Valley Conference Showcase for boys basketball Saturday in Claymont High School in Uhrichsville. Robinson provided the play-by-play and Hall the color commentary for the games on Channel 2 (1021 on Spectrum Cable). The daylong event began at 10 a.m. with Newcomerstown vs. Conotton Valley and ended with the game between Indian Valley and Strasburg, which started after 8 p.m. “It was my idea -- good or bad,” Hall said about broadcasting all seven games. “I think it will be a lot of fun.” Keith Joki, Director of Video Production, Digital Marketing Group/TV2, said it was a long day, but worth it. “As far as we know, no local broadcaster has done that many games in a row,” said Joki. “We looked forward to it.” The marathon basketball event Saturday pitted the teams that finished from top to bottom in the North and South Divisions of the IVC.

On Saturday, Feb. 24, all seven games can be seen beginning at 9 a.m.




Sentence Handed Down in Theft Case
New Philadelphia, Ohio (WTUZ) – A Uhrichsville man receives a two-year community corrections sentence for a 2017 theft. Tuscarawas County Assistant Prosecutor Mike Ernest says that 29-year-old Robert Gray was charged with theft and receiving stolen property. “This case stems from an incident in the summer of 2017 where he takes an all-terrain vehicle from a residence here in Tuscarawas County along with a co-defendant.” Gray was ordered to the Stark Regional Community Control program and to pay $210 in restitution. - Mary Alice Reporting




Woman Sentenced for Drug Manufacturing
New Philadelphia, Ohio (WTUZ) – A 29-year-old charged with possessing tools and chemicals for drug manufacturing receives community corrections sentence. Tuscarawas County Assistant Prosecutor Mike Ernest explains that Jenna Dunlap was arrested in February 2017. “These are crimes in which people have the materials to make a drug, and in this case it was methamphetamines.” Dunlap received 2-years Community Control Sanctions and a prison sentence was selected but not enforced unless she would not continue to receive treatment. - Mary Alice Reporting


Democrat Resignation Submitted to Elections Board
Tuscarawas County, Ohio (WTUZ) – A Democrat running for Ohio Secretary of State pulls out of the race and nominations are open. The Tuscarawas County Democratic party will hold a meeting Monday, February 19th beginning at 6:45pm for regular business and to elect a Board of Elections Member to replace Space. Nominations will be open on the floor for the Committee to elect a replacement, pending a background check. The Toledo Blade reports that Zack Space is the most likely Democratic candidate for state auditor due to his political advantages against Republican opponent, State Representative Keith Faber. - Mary Alice Reporting